The Challenge

BrandAlley’s creative director, approached us to assist with the production of the 2019 black Friday campaign. With deliverables for a YouTube advert as well as Instagram stories, instagram video and Facebook video posts.

It was also very important to effectively convey the high-end nature of the heavily-discounted products the company offer, via using upmarket, luxurious visuals.

Visual Effects

We decided to shoot on black with atmospheric lighting background instead of green screen – the shoot went smoothly, and we had some great results.
We rotoscoped the model and products to give us more control over the edit, and to enable us to add in backgrounds such as light walls, to compliment the lighting already there.
How we did it

Shot the footage

The footage was shot on an Arri Alexa which meant we have a great amount of control over colour grading and look, which has ended up with some excellent beauty shots like the opener of the model mid close up wearing sun glasses.
In this instance the quality was key, and this all begins with the shoot.

Edited the video

Our 3D specialist created the traffic light element with the dancing traffic person using motion captured dance moves then rigged and bought to life. This was then composited into the final shots with the model.

Cutdown the ad

Once the main advert had been approved, we set about cutting it down into specific short sequences, as directed by the client, which were then used for bumper adverts on YouTube, along with other social media platforms.

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