The Challenge

The team at Nikté Yucatán Honey were preparing to launch their range of raw honey and needed to create a brand, we were tasked with producing packaging, videos, social media assets, logo and the Shopify website. We had to communicate the premium quality of the product as well as the heritage, tradition and sustainability that make the product so unique.

The aim

The aim was to provide Nikté Yucatán Honey with a brand identity that was authentic to their core principles and also clearly communicated with the customer that this is a premium product. We worked with the Nikté team and designed the logo, packaging, videos and website in time for the launch of the product.

the solution

Our Art Director took the lead on the design brief, creating multiple assets that were designed around the Mayan Calendar, to reflect the importance the team placed on communicating the Mayan traditional beekeeping methods that are used to produce the honey. The video production director then used these assets to create the social media assets and brand videos.

the results

The team at Nikté Yucatán Honey were very happy with what was produced and allowed them to launch the brand successfully, on time and within the budget that they had set. We created a visual identity for a premium food brand that the Nikté Yucatán team feels represents their brand perfectly.

How we did it


We worked with the Nikté Yucatán Honey to conceptualise the brand, to understand exactly what they were looking for and turn their vision and passion for the Mayan Culture, into a premium brand identity. Our creative director took inspiration for the Nikté brand from Mayan Glyphs.

Video Production

We produced animated Instagram stories and a brand video from a live shoot on location in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, we also carried out a product shoot ourselves in the UK with the finished honey and packaging for use in various videos and brand imagery purposes.

Shopify Website

The Nikté Yucatán Honey team needed a website built on the Shopify platform as it integrated with their inventory and shipping software systems, allowing them to sell and ship the product throughout the UK and Europe.