The Challenge

Snag Tights wanted to add another channel to their digital marketing mix, after experiencing inconsistent results from their social media. advertising

They asked us to create a brand new set of adverts, sourced from previously shot footage and still images.

We were set a two week deadline to get the campaign live, in order to give it a full three-months to run.

The Solution

The Simply Ads team created two different adverts, one using footage  available to us from prior shoots, the other utilising pre-existing photographs.

We also crafted a variety of 6-second bumper ads, to be shown to viewers of the full-length ads in a sequence, keeping the brand in the viewers mind,  encouraging  them several times to make a purchase.

The Results

The campaign ran for three months and reached hundreds of thousands of viewers across the UK.

Snag Tights saw a significant increase in sales from this new advertising channel which delivered a positive return on investment for them.

The assets we devised were also used on Snag Tights social channels and generated a much greater reach than traditional image-based adverts on their platforms.


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