The Challenge

We worked with the marketing team at Urban Adventures to create an advert and YouTube campaign targeted at travellers who had recently  booked a trip in one of Urban Advntures’ 150 destinations around the world.

It was crucial that we communicated how much fun an Urban Adventures Tour is.

The Aim

For Urban Adventures to consider the campaign a success we had to generate bookings that could be directly attributed to the YouTube ad.

So we set up the Google Ads conversion pixel through Tag Manager in order to track these bookings and used this as our main metric of success.

The Solution

A variety of targeting methods were used in order to reach the most valuable audiences. This included in-market targeting and re-marketing from display and Gmail advertising.

We also created 6-second bumper ads that were shown to viewers of the main ad retrospectively

How we did it

Edited the footage

We only had access to pre-shot footage that had been captured from previous shoots by the Urban Adventures team. This limited what we were able to do, creatively, but still allowed us to create a basic ad that would communicate the Urban Adventures offering.

Campaign set up

We set the campaign up, set-up the conversion tracking pixel and made sure it was working properly for when a booking was made. We then set-up a number of different ad groups that employed different targeting.

Optimise & report

We optimised the campaign according to the most valuable channels they appeared on, in-market segments, keyword searches, re-marketing channels, age groups, genders, device types and geography.


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